Shingle Creek Massage Experiences

The following experiences have been developed to utilize the talents of our seasoned team of massage professionals. Each treatment will be customized to your personal preferences and needs. When scheduling your treatments, you may request a male or female therapist; however we regret that we cannot guarantee this preference. All massage and bodywork sessions are provided by licensed massage therapists who are highly-skilled and well-trained in draping techniques to provide the utmost comfort for your spa experience. Our massage and bodywork professionals are licensed by Florida’s Board of Health and governed by the Board of Massage Therapy.

Selecting your Massage

Help Us Help You

Talk to your therapist about any sensitivities or areas to be avoided before your massage begins. Also let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort. Communication is the key to getting the massage you want. Our expert massage staff is devoted to giving you a massage tailored to your needs.

Outcome of the Massage

When selecting a massage, think of what you would like to get out of the session. If you want to unwind and let the world float by, a Relaxation Massage is your choice. If you want to relax and have some areas attended to, a Therapeutic Massage is what you want. If you have an area that you recently injured or are chronically sore, you want an Advanced Therapeutic Massage.

Massage Menu

Four Hands Massage

This massage combines the benefits of a therapeutic massage with the skills of two talented therapists. They will work independently to address the issues and concerns in different areas of your body.

50 minutes $240

Professional Stretching

Our massage therapist will assess the tension patterns in your body. After analysis and consultation, we will stretch tight muscles while maintaining a relaxing environment. The goal of this treatment is to enhance balance in the body. This is a perfect way to improve your workout or round of golf. Loose fitting clothing is recommended.

25 minutes $65

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Practiced for thousands of years, this unique form of deep tissue massage originated in Buddhist monasteries. Supported by wooden bars, the therapist applies muscle compression using the feet. Smooth, fluid and gliding foot pressure reaches deep into soft muscle tissue surrounding the joints. This pressure helps provide deep relaxation and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

50 minutes $130
80 minutes $185

Craniosacral Therapy

Using very light touch, this full-body treatment will restore calm and balance to your mind, body and spirit. Gentle releases in your tissue will ease pain, improve focus and allow your mind to rest. Please wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing for this whole-body treatment.

50 minutes $120
80 minutes $160

Creekside Citrus and Cedar Massage

This ultimate combination of our body and scalp massage is blended together with white cedar, spruce and lime oils. Scalp massage is integrated with massage techniques to deliver an unforgettable experience. Our therapists will refresh your tired feet with a complimentary foot scrub and hot towel hydrotherapies.

50 minutes $135
80 minutes $180

Shingle Creek Traditions

Native Creek Stone Massage

Our indulgent medium-pressure massage combines a healing human touch with hot stone therapy. We work the warmed stones into your muscles and melt you into the table. Feel the legend of Native American beliefs that originate from the earth to bring the body and soul into balance with Mother Nature.

50 minutes $130

Advanced Therapeutic Massage

The Advance Therapeutic Massage is for specific problems or issues, whether it’s chronic low back pain or a stiff neck from sleeping. Perhaps you just want a very detailed massage. Our therapist will engineer a treatment based on your concerns using cutting-edge training blended with their unique talents. The correct plan of action for you will be laid out after your consultation.

50 minutes $140
80 minutes $185

Therapeutic Massage

Moderate to deep massage techniques will focus on the different layers of muscle tissue. This treatment addresses tension in the body. Our Therapeutic Massage is a relaxing experience with a healing touch. Discuss your goals of the massage with your therapist. Deep tissue does not have to hurt to be effective.

50 minutes $125
80 minutes $175

Relaxation Massage

Using gentle pressure, Swedish massage strokes will ease the tension out of your mind and body. The most common of all massages, this session will help reduce tension, increase circulation and induce relaxation. Relax as the world fades away during this massage.

50 minutes $115
80 minutes $165


Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that stimulates pressure points on the hands and feet to relieve tension and restore a smooth energy flow throughout the body.

25 minutes $65 (hands or feet)

Mother to Be Massage

Let us help relieve some of the aches and pains you’re carrying around. We will support you by using pregnancy support pillows and pregnancy massage techniques. Our goal is to let you decompress and help you relax as we care for both you and your baby. (Only for women in their second or third trimester.)

50 minutes $120

Couples Massage

Enjoy your choice of massage with a loved one or friend.

50 minutes
80 minutes

Shingle Creek Siesta

Have you ever wanted to just nap after a wonderful massage? Now you can with the Shingle Creek Siesta. Our therapists will drape you with hot packs and let you drift off to dreamland. The gentle ringing of Tibetan Ting She’ Bells will gently bring you out of your slumber refreshed and ready for life.

25 minutes $45

Hand and Foot Revitalizer

Enjoy an exfoliation of the hands and feet with our Hand and Foot Revitalizer, which effectively exfoliates and moisturizes to reveal fresher looking skin. Infused with sea salts, evening primrose, jojoba oil, vitamin E, chamomile, aloe vera, lemon, lavender and rosemary, the treatment will soften, smooth and hydrate even the hardest working hands and feet. Enjoy, you deserve it.

No additional time $20

Add Ons

Aromatic Scalp Treatment

Experience the perfect compliment to any facial or body treatment. We offer a variety of treatment oils to address your particular hair and scalp needs. Our blends are slightly warmed and applied briskly to the scalp, neck and shoulders to stimulate circulation, clear the mind, and nourish the hair.

25 minutes $45

Hot Towel Hydrotherapy

This addition to your treatment will use warm, heated towels infused with cooling and decongesting essential oils (menthol and arnica). The essential oils will help decongest tissue and increase circulation boosting the effects of the massage. The heat from the towels will enhance the blood flow of tissue that has been massaged. This treatment has been used by professional athletes for decades.

No additional time $35