Body Treatment

Island Escape

Let the aromatic nature of the island breeze set you adrift on a wonderful treatment. Our coconut sugar exfoliation is followed by a coconut milk and honey body mask. While in your wrap, we will perform a scalp massage to ease the tension out of your scalp. Your tropical escape will conclude with a moisturizing massage to seal in the breeze.

100 minutes $250

Everglades Scrub And Body Wrap

This body envelopment combines the sweet smells of sugar with the invigorating essences of citrus. The treatment will begin with a full-body brush followed by an exfoliating body scrub. You will then enjoy a warm mud wrap utilizing nutrient-rich mud. During this time, you will receive a nourishing scalp massage. Lastly, a mega-moisturizing body butter rich in vitamin E and the essences of citrus will complete this invigorating treatment.

80 minutes $190

Calusa Cocoon

This treatment starts with a full-body brush followed with a gentle exfoliation of the entire body. You will then be placed in a moisturizing wrap rich in vitamins and the essences of citrus. It’s a real stress reliever, bringing balance to your body and a sense of well-being to your spirit.

50 minutes $145

Paradise Glow

This body treatment exfoliates you with pure cane sugar and tropical nut oils, ridding the body of dead skin, strengthening the skin’s elasticity and replenishing moisture loss. We will finish with an exotic body oil, leaving your skin noticeably smooth. Choice of coconut milk and honey or mango scrub and oil.

45 minutes $135